good news:



Subject: At the height of an identity crisis and wholly indifferent to surrounding reality, a man whose job it is to watch violent telvision programmes while being locked up in the Studio’s office, comes across an old friend he hasn’t seen for years while walking in the street.
The latter, a jew who seems to be suffering from persecution mania and fears for his life, is encouraged by his friend to seek admittance to a psychiatric clinic where, however, he is murdered.
It is then that the father of the child she is expecting is his dead friend…A short time afterwards, while walking in a park littered with filth, the man opens a letter from the deceases containing numerous sheets of paper covered by misterious, ambiguous words.







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Le buone notizie
International title: Good News
Director: Elio Petri
Story and Screenplay by: Elio Petri
Assistant Directors: Gianni Arduini, Fabio Terzetti
Television Shooting: Berto Pelosso
Director of Photography: Tonino Nardi (Eastmancolor)
Cameraman: Ubaldo Terzano
Art Director: Amedeo Fago, Franco Velchi Pellecchia
Costume Designer: Barbara Mastroianni
Sound: Giuseppe Muratori
Editing: Ruggero Mastroianni
Music by: Ennio Morricone
Production: Elio Petri and Giancarlo Giannini for Medusa Distribuzione
Production co-ordinator: Stefano Pegoraro.
Shooting Title: La personalita' della vittima
CAST: Giancarlo Giannini (The Man), Angela Molina ( Fedora), Aurore Clement(Ada Milano), Paolo Bonacelli(Gualtiero Milano), Ombretta Colli(Madame Tignetti), Ninetto Davoli(the Runner), Ritza Brown(Benedetta), Franco Javarone(Police Commissioner), Filippo De Gara(the Union Worker), Giovanni Baghino.
Lenght: 107 minutes.