high fedelity:

Subject: Giulio meets Laura, a woman riddle with psychological problems.
He tries to make love to her and the woman is receptive to his advances, but rejects him before allowing herself to be seduced. After their love-making,
Giulio goes home to find his axious wife waiting for him.She is none other than Laura.







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Alta Infedelta’
US title: High Fidelity (1965)
Episode: Peccato nel pomeriggio (Sin in the Afternoon)
Other episode by Mario Monicelli (Gente Moderna), Franco Rossi ( Scandaloso) Luciano Salce ( La sospirosa).
Director: Elio Petri
Story and Screenplay by: Age-Scarpelli, Elio Petri
Assistant Director: Berto Pelosso
Director of Photography: Ennio Guarnieri (B/W)
Cameraman: Danilo Desideri
Art Director: Piero Gherardi
Décorator: Giovanni Checchi
Costume Designer: Lucia Mirisola
Sound: Luigi Salvi
Editing: Ruggero Mastroianni
Music by: Armando Trovajoli.
Production: Gianni Hecht Lucari for Documento Film ( Rome), S.P.C.E. (Paris)
Production Manager: Fausto Saraceni
Cast: Charles Aznavour ( Giulio), Claire Bloom ( Laura)
Lenght: 35 Minutes