a quiet place in the country:





Subject: A pop artist, Leonardo Ferri, feels that hectic town-life is no longer a source of inspiration to him and he decides to move to the country. His new house, which was once the home of a nymphomaniac who was murdered during the war at the age of seventeen only makes him even more nervous.
He conjures up wild rows with his fiancée Flavia, and even dreams of killing her. Locked up in a luxurious psychiatric clinic with his canvasses and his brushes, he is submitted to the stimuli of erotic magazines.
He the begins to execute tiny painting which his fiancée gets hold of in order to sell them at low prices and make money at the sick man’s expence.









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Un tranquillo posto di campagna
I nternational title: a quiet place in the country (1971)
Director: Elio Petri
Story by: Tonino Guerra, Elio Petri
Screenplay by: Elio Petri, Luciano Vincenzoni
Assistant Director: Mario Chiari
Director of Photography: Luigi Kuveiller(technicolor, panoramique)
Cameraman: Ubaldo Terzano
Art Director: Sergio Canevari
Assistant Art Director: Amedeo Fago
Costume Designer: Franco Carretti
Costume Designer for Vanessa Redgrave: Giulio Coltellacci
Sound: Mario Bramonti
Editing: Ruggero Mastroianni
Music by: Ennio Morricone (played by the improvisation group “Nuova Consonanza”, sung by Edda Dell’Orso).
Production: Alberto Grimaldi for P.E.A (Rome), les
Productions Artistes Associes (Paris)
Production Manager: Gino Milozza.
Cast: Franco Nero (Leonardo Ferri), Vanessa Redgrave (Flavia) Georges Geret ( Attilio),Gabriella Grimaldi ( Wanda) Madeleine Damien (Wanda’s Mother) Rita Calderoni (Egle), Renato Menegatto (Egle’s friend), David Mansell (the Medium) John Francis Lane (the Nurse), Valerio Ruggeri, Arnaldo Momo, Costantino De Luca, Marino Biagiola, Piero De Francesci, Camillo Bensenzon, Renato Lupi, Umberto Di Grazia, Giuseppe Bello, Bruna Simionato, Giulia Menin, Snoopy, the Dog.

Lenght: 105 minutes.

The paintings of Leonardo Ferri (Franco Nero) are by Jim Dine.